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Beaches at Peniche

The sea is still one of the main points of interest and development, and the beaches at Peniche are much appreciated. While Consolação and Baleal bays provide good shelter for a family day out, the waves on this west coast, such as the Supertubos (tubular Supertube waves) off Medão Grande Beach, are much sought after by surfers and bodyboarders from across the world. It was elected one of “Portugal’s 7 Wonders” in a national tournament. Together with Lagido Beach, it is the setting for the major world surf championship, Rip Curl Pro Portugal, an event that is part of the World Surf League Tour.


Supertubos Beach

Medão Grande beach has the queen wave of Peniche. Better known as Supertubos.The name says everything.
Sandy beach with very tubular waves like Pipeline.

Tide – Low to full
Swell – Southern and western
Wind – North / East
Level of difficulty – 5 to 5
Wave size – Up to 4 metres / 12 feet.

Lat.: 39° 20.689′ N
Lon.: 9° 21.871′ W

North Beach

Very long sandy beach with multiple peaks from Peniche to Baleal island.
Good for begginers to start surfing.
Works with big swells.

Tide – Low tide
Swell – West and north
Wind – South Wind and east
Level of difficulty – 1 to 5
Wave size -till 3 meters/ 9 feets

Lat.: 39° 21.989′ N
Lon.: 9°21.348′ W

Porto Batel

Reef break a right wave good for surf and a left-hand point break on the other side very shallow like a mini pipe. Works with big swells.

Tide – At middle tide
Swell – Southern and western is better
Wind – North/east quadrant
Level of difficulty – 3 out of 5
Wave size – Up to 3 metres / 10 feet.

Lat.: 39° 19.354′ N
Lon.: 9° 21.548′ W

Molhe Leste

Right-hand point break on sandy bottom, forming by the East pear. Requires big swell to work. Excellent waves for surf and bodyboard with long tubular sections.

Tide – At high tide to low tide
Swell – Western and southern
Wind – North / east quadrant
Level of difficulty – 4 out of 5
Wave size – up to 3 metres / 12 feet

Note: When is big, go in near the pear.

Lat.: 39° 20.958′ N
Lon.: 9° 22.077′ W


Reef with long lefts. It’s a fat wave but very funny to surf. Beginners can surf next to lagide in Prainha. Works with big swells.

Tide –  All, but better at half-tide, rising.
Swell – Northern and Northwestern
Wind – South and east
Level of difficulty – 3 / 5
Wave size – up to 4 metres / 10 to 12 feet

Note: Becareful with the hedgehogs.

Lat.: 39° 22.455′ N
Lon.: 9° 20.15′ W

Consolação Beach

Right long wave that breaks on a bench stone. Best for surfing because the characteristics of the wave that is a little fat. There’s also a left next tothe fortress also good but only works with big swells.

Tide – Full
Swell – West / Southest
Wind – East e Northest
Level of difficulty – 4 / 5
Wave size – Up 3 metres.

Note: Becareful with the rocks when you go in and out.

Lat.: 39° 19.415′ N
Lon.: 9° 21.68′ W

Belgas Beach

Beach break with right and left hand peaks along the shore. Strong and long waves and sometimes tubular.
It’s a big beach and you can find a spot to surf alone.

Tide – All
Swell – North
Wind – East and South
Level of difficulty – 3 / 5
Wave size – Up to 2 metres

Note: Becareful with the hills and stone falls.

Lat.: 39° 24.991′ N
Lon.: 9° 15.159′ W

Almagreira Beach

Beach break with good left and right peaks. It’s a beach break but you can find some rocks at the low tide. In classic days there are tubular and long waves.

Tide – Low to High
Swell – North / West
Wind – East and South
Level of difficulty – 2 / 3
Wave size – Until 2 metres / 6 feet

Note: Becarefull with the hills and the stones falls.

Lat.: 39° 22.742′ N
Lon.: 9° 18.878′ W


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